Just when we start wrapping things up with the Black History 2017 series Malcolm Speaks! It seemed like yesterday when I got in the so called “conscious” community grill about Philosophical Romanticism, and betrayal. Couple weeks ago it was Beyonce’s Grammy performance, not real enough for all the “conscious” people who claim to be IFA practicioners. Couple months ago it was Erykah Badu’s blond Albino look on Take Out Media. Now Remy Ma pops off on the scene with her less than philosophical, no metaphors, no simile, no punchline having lyrical passion to dominate the great Nicki Minaj in a rap battle. I’m gone make this short and sweet because my freestyle in the latest Malcolm Speaks! docudrama explains it all. I’m not even from New York. I’m straight out of MOCO. By way of West Africa. But somebody has to tell the story, since all the other Griots just want to smell themselves all day. Enjoy this last part of Malcolm Speaks! It is the shortest and the best one so far. Its only going to take five minutes of your time to slay this piece. Now that black History Month is over for 2017, we will go one to celebrate 365 days of Black History. 365 Days of Woman’s history, and 365 days of Our story. P.E.A.C.E.